Aligot (pronounced ali-go)

Aligot is probably the reason I moved to France. Allison Sacleux Aligot can be found all over southern France, in village outdoor markets and in small epiceries. There are entire restaurants dedicated to only serving Aligot lunch and dinner, with a simple menu of charcuterie, as much Aligot as you can eat, local farm cheeseContinue reading “Aligot (pronounced ali-go)”

Sainte Enimie Feminist Princess

Many assume that the idea of égalité in France was born during the French revolution, but there was once (not upon a time) a rebel and feminist princess Sainte Enimie who blazed her own destiny through leprosy and right up to her burial site. Her name was Enimie and she was one of Merovigian kings’,Continue reading “Sainte Enimie Feminist Princess”

Discover Rural Southern France: An Adventure Awaits You

To discover rural southern France you’ll need to drive about a 7- hours south of Paris. Full of unique adventures and to hidden gems you can discover – listed below! Water, water everywhere! It’s known as the “pays des sources” as 3 major rivers begin in this department, and it is the only area inContinue reading “Discover Rural Southern France: An Adventure Awaits You”