All-Inclusive Study Abroad Programs in Rural France

All inclusive trips to France
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Local connections combined with our understanding of what universities and professors expect, make traveling with Allez Abroad a turn-key option. Our all- inclusive study abroad program in rural France include airfare, airport transfers, meals and more…

All-inclusive Study Abroad Programs in Rural France
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All-inclusive Study Abroad Programs in Rural France

Don’t get hung up trying to plan the details of your study abroad itinerary. We will provide you with a customized itinerary from airport pickups and transportation, meals, to flights and hotel check-in we’ll be by your side each step of the way. Have more questions? You can send us a message below or even check out reviews from our past travelers below!

Explore the Rich Culture and Diversity of Rural France

From the 14th century farm house accommodations, to the team building exercise of rock climbing, to having the first hand experience of exploring medieval chapels, chateaus and villages, rural France’s chances for exploration are diverse and abundant. Allez Abroad’s all- inclusive study abroad programs in rural France help study abroad departments diversify their offering at the snap of a finger! Ready to get started?

Study Abroad Programs in rural France

What Our Travelers Have to Say about Allez Abroad

We found that our most favorite memory was driving along the seashore at Cancale, stopping and picking fresh blackberries as large as your thumb and sweet, then down to the shore and eating oysters out by the water on a stone wall.  A thing of pure beauty, most recommended.   In the country you need a good guide, not many spoke English.  Patrick was perfect in assisting us with all necessary conversation and taught us a few French words.   

Debbie and Jeff, Tallahassee, FL

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