The Planner, Patrick

My husband, Patrick Sacleux, has been planning vacations for over 20 years. What started as a hobby to organize trips for family and friends (having worked for over 15 years in the tourism industry) has now become a business.

Then he went on to produce trips for the Alliance Française in Orlando for 5 years until moving back to France. On one of the tours they explored the Cathar castles (in the south of France), and the fortified city of Carcassonne, which I’m dying to see for myself!

In 2018 we did a Paris – Barcelona trip which we are organizing again in 2021, but adding a few more adventures.

Patrick draws from his intimate knowledge of France to please friends and family, and to show them sites most other tourists would never fathom, to now design tours for a living. Each tour has a theme and Patrick reaches from within his creative soul (as an author and performer) to find endless themes to show a side of France most people never even dreamed of.

As for Lozère, once travelers experience it, as he did some years back while doing field research for his PhD, people begin to wonder if they chose Lozère or if Lozère has chosen them. Regardless, this part of France, that he and I call home, will welcome our guests.

Lozère will charm them and will make them want to come back for more; like an aged wine that enchants your palate, an exquisite cured sausage or a raw milk sheep cheese to which one would add local bread to bring rapture to a mouth-watering snack.

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